Meet our Owner, Our Mission, and the History behind Koa Yoga Products

Meet our Owner, Our Mission, and the History behind Koa Yoga Products

 Giving Back monetarily was only a portion of the reason we started this business- so much of what Yoga, Environmentally friendly products, and the charitable nature of a monthly donation to a great cause was the trifecta of Koa Yoga Products! Here’s a story about our owner, Greg, and a littel background about the Koa Yoga Products (why a dog, why yoga, and why giving back?!)

Late nights and a swarm of ideas month after month was what described the daily evening routine for KYP owner, Greg Jablonowski. After leading the way for his first business by day, the evenings and into the late night filled with a never-ending, passionate discovery to achieve something more along his CEO Journey. 

Knowing that business often times can be a really great idea in the beginning with the ideas flowing and all of the possibilities opened wide, the global pandemic struck, yet more opportunity to create an at-home fitness product line with a tie-in to cheer up the year happened to fall together! 

Greg had wanted to create something BIG and meaningful for his legacy, in addition to operating his first business of over 30 years, and couldn’t get the idea of dogs, doing good by people and the planet, and making a bigger impact for those who were in need all part of the values system of this new company-to-be. 

With a family of athletes, his son and daughter, the inspiration of his grandpup, and the amazing spirit of working out that so many of his friends have shared, he came up with something incredibly special- a fitness products company that uses business as a force of good for the love of animals. 

Giving Back was a MUST! Even if Koa Yoga Products as a company sold one mat that month, there had to be a check that sent out each and every month to make a positive impact on a shelter, organization, non-profit, or charity. 

Some of our customers LOVE the idea that spending a few extra dollars with a quality yoga mat that truly gives back to the community of pet-owners, keepers, rescuers, and do-gooders is 100% worth it! 

Not even a full year old, Greg has felt the warmth and support of amazing 5-Star reviews- Check it out: 

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟This mat is amazing. I've used it for both yoga and for boot-camp style workouts. The durability is fantastic and the thickness is perfect for knee support. And my dog uses it for lounging. :) It's worth the splurge, especially when they give back to rescue charities. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommended. - Nicolette H.


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I’m a beginner at yoga and this mat is fantastic! I sweat a lot when working out and I don’t have to worry about slipping off when on this mat. No weird smell, cute thick towel, comes with a strap holder and its thickness is perfect for me! And best of all my purchase is for a great cause! Very happy with it!!- Dazzling On a Dime


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 What a excellent quality mat. The pitty makes it even better. No chemical smell like other mats when you buy them. The thickness is thicker that I assumed. Even better for my knees. I am impressed. Can't wait to work out tomorrow morning. Also helps animals. Perfect. Worth the splurge. Thank you -Taralynne MacLean