National Canine Cancer Foundation Donation in Memory of Wazza Parrin

"Our entire team said goodbye to an extended family member of the Koa Yoga Family, a fellow office dog in our Woodridge, IL warehouse. 

We lost our kind and loving pup on Friday, November 18th, 2022: Wazza was Jake’s best friend and soul mate who came to the KYP office and warehouse with Jake almost every day, for close to 10 years.

Clients, vendors, employees, mail carriers, delivery personnel, and truck drivers… everyone knew and loved him.

Over the last six months, Wazza developed lymphoma and Jake did EVERYTHING humanly possible for his best friend.

I visited with Wazza for the last time Thursday afternoon at Jake’s home. Thank you, Jake… you took such great care and showed such great compassion for Wazza. It’s been a tough day for everyone here at the KYP HQ.

Rest In Peace, Wazza!!"

- Greg Jablonowski, President, Koa Yoga Products