Pets and the Post-Pandemic Adoption World

Our Pets are going to Want us to Keep Up the Attention & Love Post-Pandemic! 

While so many have (rightfully so) associated the last 365 days of suffering, pain, and anguish, we would like to reflect on the amazing GOOD that has been done. 

As our pets know all too well, they have been spoiled with some extra time with us as we shifted our time spent out and about with additional glances, the sound of our voice, and mid-day cuddles between meetings by being at home. 

They truly loved all of this extra attention watching us and learning about what us humans have to do to be able to purchase all of their dog toys and treats! 

Outside of the additional time and affection, our pets have been giving us an additional boost to our social life. It’s no surprise that the increase in time spent at home also required us to maintain a social life, even if it was hanging out with our four-legged friends! 

In this article, the number of Pet Adoptions have SOARED during the pandemic, “Americans kept trying to fill voids with canine companions, either because they were stuck working from home with children who needed something to do, or had no work and lots of free time, or felt lonely with no way to socialize.”

Thinking ahead in the future, continue to involve our pets into our lives with healthy activities like walks, yoga breaks, stretching, or just hanging out with them, even after the pandemic allows us to break free! 

They will love all of the extra affection & attention that we once were able to give them :)

This little bit of “giving back” in a cheerful spirit goes a long way!